Project financing

Further growth of Clean Energy investments is currently being substantially hampered by limited financing  options offered by the banks, who have to cope with their own problems at the moment.
The problems are, for example, regulatory requirements, equity restrictions under Basel III, a pull-back to more narrowly defined core markets, already exhausted country credit limits and limited long-term refinancing options.

We respond to this by showing enhanced creativity in the structuring of financing models and by using our excellent connections to banks and capital providers who are seriously interested in financial transactions and who can also conduct them.

Bridge financing

To finance the realization phase, there is an enormous need for bridge financing from the development stage of a project to the payment of the project financing amount or the end-investor capital well beyond completion.
This need is only partially met by manufacturers of components in connection with sales financing, as long as they themselves are able to raise cash in the market.

End financing

We secure short-term, mid-term and long-term financing with or without your liability. That means the capital is insured by the project or the SPV (non recourse), with the corresponding input of own capital resources. If you want to reduce the capital resources you commit, we provide you with additional subordinated mezzanine capital or an equity capital sponsor.






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